Corporate Strategy (MU/MTL)

Course syllabus


Prof. Dr. Ralf Dillerup



Teaching Language


Credits / SWS

5 / 4

Contact hours / Student Workload

50 / 150 hours



Examinations mode

LR Continuous Assessment

Learning outcomes

  • After the completion of this course the students judge differences and specific approaches of corporate strategy formulation and implementation
  • The students are able to

    - search and source information to support strategic decision-making,

    diagnose core factors of strategies and business models

    analyze major business functions which forms the basis of strategy development

    develop strategic options and actions

  • Working in diverse groups with an international exposure forces the students to solve problems in teams, train
  • Moreover, it comprises

    a critical evaluation of the roles and responsibilities of executives and

    an assessment of the role and tasks of strategy from a broad business perspective

    - a training on strategic thinking and acting

    the ability to deal with conflicts and leadership communication.


Teaching methods

  • work in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams
  • students must be prepared to read widely outside the subject
  • computer simulation methods such as System Dynamics or TOPSIM
  • Case study work to transfer and train strategic concepts and thinking
  • Group work in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams

Course contents

  •  The Nature of Strategy
  • Strategic management in different contexts
  • The levels of strategy
  • Understanding strategy development
  • The strategic management process
  • Industry and Competitive Analysis
  • Strategic Analysis of industry structure
  • Porters competitive forces and Rivalry analysis
  • Strategic Capability - Internal analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Capabilities and Core competencies
  • Strategic Choices on corporate and business level
  • Strategic decision making and Strategy implementation


  • Lectured every winter semester as joint module with students from our Irish partner university Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT) and our students co-teached with staff from both institutions including staff and student mobility       
  • Lectured every summer semester as joint module with students from one of our overseas partner universities and our students co-teached with staff from both institutions including staff and student mobility  
  • We always offer a mode in a seminar mode in Heilbronn without student mobility


  • Dillerup, R./Stoi, R.: Unternehmensführung, 5. Ed., München, 2016
  • Johnson, G.; Whittington, R.: Angwin, D.; Regnér, K.; Scholes, K. (2015), Exploring Corporate Strategy: Text and Cases, 10th ed., London
  • Simulation software manuals
  • Provided materials as needed
  • Relevant management journals: Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, Strategic Management Journal

Corporate Strategy Master Module

  • This module is an element of the Heilbronn University master course.
  • It is offered  in two modes:
    • Mode A - intensive mode:
      - intensive mode is every winter semester a joint module with master students
        from the Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland
      - Intensive week with mandatory attendance
      - This mode is highly subsidized by the European Union and the faculty, but some costs
         (e.g. travel, accommodation and full board) to be covered by yourself. Please notice that this amount is min. 125 Euro.
      - Language of delivery: English
      - A maximum of 20 students per semester is allowed to the intensive mode modules.
    • Mode B - exceptional weekly mode:
      - Regular course on a weekly base during the semester
      - Language is German and parts in English
      - For further details please send me an E-Mail.